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As you progress so does the story, Ryan encounters a love interest in Melanine Sanchez and a rival in super Brit racer Nick Landers. Should you move up into the Power racing tier you will face your brother Donnie. The narrative is an excellent touch, realistically rendered and brilliantly voice acted. The evolving story gives you a reason to continue playing even if you are a regular 13th place finisher. The pit chiefs comments also work well, adding a bit of authentic atmosphere, as to the FMVs that appear before each race.
However there are a few chips in an otherwise perfect paintjob. The camera views can be twitchy and the controls not as responsive as they should be. The replays lack the quality of the GT series. But TOCA's career mode provides variety and longevity. Between the tournament races, drivers regularly challenge you to one-on-one races in specific cars, win the race and you unlock the car for use in the free time mode. There's so much game here and the rising difficulty level ensures that you wont just sail through it in a few days. The chaotic, bumper-to-bumper racing is both a joy and a frustration were races can be won and lost through luck as much as skill, just like in real-life.

TOCA Race Driver is a fantastic game with great graphics and superb damage effects. There is plenty of gameplay to keep you entertained for weeks.
The Verdict:
Graphics: 8
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 8
Lifespan: 9
Overall: 8/10

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