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Gran Turismo, take the limited edition model for a spin

Publisher: SCEE
Developer: Polyphony Digital
Price: 29.99
Players: 1-2
Out: Now
Web Site:
60Hz mode:
Widescreen: Yes
Surround Sound: No
Peripherals: GT Force Wheel
GT Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva is not a sequel to GT3 nor is it an add on disc. It is an enhanced version of GT Concept 2002: Tokyo in Japan. This game lets you get behind the wheel of production and concept cars from the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show and the 2001 Geneva event.
There are 95 cars in the game for you to drive. 25 are the wild dreams of car designers. That leaves 70 no-concept production, rally and racing cars. There are 21 cars from American, Japanese and Korean manufactures. 17 cars from UK and European companies are also included. There are 11 dream cars which represent the best that the Gran Tourismo series has to offer. The remaining 21 cars are souped-up versions of old GT favourites.
The problem with GT Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva is not the cars or the graphics, it's that there's almost no game at all. There are no cups, leagues or championships to take part in. Nor are there any class (4WD, FF, FR, MR) competitions, international challenges or endurance races. There's no money to earn (although you can win 10 million credits for use in GT3) no extra parts to buy for your car. GT veterans will finish it in two days max.
There are six options, Course License, Singles Race, 2P Battle, Free Run, Game Status and i.Link. To unlock tracks for the main single player racing mode you must obtain a course license for each one in a pre-selected test car. There are only 5 courses in the game. Midfield raceway, Tokyo R246, a revamped Autumn Ring, Swiss Alps and Tahiti maze. Each course had a mirror version making it look as though the game has more courses than it actually does.
Win a Bronze trophy and you unlock that course and a new car. Win a Gold trophy and you unlock the course and two cars. Unlock all 10 tracks and you unlock a bonus "Pod" race: a three lap race against six symmetrically-designed Toyota/Sony concept cars. And that's about it.
New comers would be advised to get the platinum title GT3 which is 10 less than this new game and has so much more gameplay.
The Verdict:
Graphics: 10
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 8
Lifespan: 2
Overall: 5/10

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