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Colin McRae Rally 3.0
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There are lots of rally games on the market at the moment and the number is rising fast, but the best is back to defend it's crown in it's first PS2 outing.
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Codemasters
Players: 1-2
Release: September
In 1999, Colin McRae Rally took the console rally sim to a new level. Codemasters bravely took the risk and eliminated the on-screen competition, instead choosing to have players race against the clock in an attempt to rise the realism level of the genre. The risk paid off and Colin McRae Rally became the most successful rally sim on the PSone. Colin McRae Rally 2.0 improved on the original even more, and now Codemasters attempt to raise the realism bar even higher in the latest version of the rally series, Colin McRae Rally 3.0.
To search for that extra realism Codemasters have spent the last year following the Ford rally team around, interviewing engineers and watching McRae and hi co-driver between stages. As a result of this "Championship mode" was born, the main mode in the game.
In this mode you compete as Colin McRae in three successive world championships. Unlike the other games it wont be game over if you don't finish in say the top 6 at a certain stage, unless you get sacked by Ford that is! You have to complete a set amount of rallies a year regardless if your at the top or the bottom. If Ford aren't happy with you you'll find yourself at the job centre.
Don't fancy the long championship mode, well there are alternatives.
Split-Screen Mode puts you and a friend against each others times.
Quick Start Mode provides fast and easy access to a range of cars and courses for one or two players.
Each rally starts with a view of the service area, here you will see engineers preparing your car for the next stage, you also see your co-driver relaxing nearby. As part of the added realism you no longer have to tweak your own car between each rally/stage, engineers do that for you. As market research has shown most gamers don't bother spending ages tweaking their car, they just want to get to the driving. However for those gamers who like to have control over everything you can intervene and tweak you car yourself.
When you have finished in the service area, an animated sequence shows you driving down to the rally start. The car in front heads off, then you move up to the start position and await the green light. As well as this introductory FMV you will also see one at each checkpoint and end of stage. Before each new event you get the chance to practice first on a similar terrain to the forthcoming challenge.

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