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All release dates are for Europe only
This text donates promising games to look out for


AUGUST Conflict: Desert Storm Combat Sim SCI
  Gumball 3000 Arcade Racer SCI
  Jimmy White's Cueball World Snooker Sim Virgin Interactive
  Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 Extreme Sports Activision
  Master Rallye Rally Sim Microids
  Premier Manager Management Sim Infogrames
  Tiny Toons Adventure Platformer Swing
  TOCA Race Driver Racing Sim Codemasters
SEPTEMBER Akira Psychoball Pinball Infogrames
  Ape Escape 2 Platformer SCEE
  Colin McRae Rally 3.0 Rally Sim Codemasters
  F355 Challenge Racing Sim SCEE
  Formula One 2002 Racing Sim SCEE
  Gravity Games Extreme Sports Midway
  Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Action/Adventure Eidos
  Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer Extreme Sports Activision
  Legion: Legend Of Excalibur Strategy Midway
  MX Superfly Extreme Sports THQ
  Pac-Man World 2 Platformer SCEE
  Project ZERO Survival Horror Wanadoo
  Reign Of Fire Action Bami Entertainment
  Space Channel 5 v2 Rhythm Action SCEE
  Stuntman Driving Infogrames
  Summoner 2 RPG THQ
  Sum of All Fears Action Ubi Soft
  Tekken 4 Beat-'em-up SCEE
  The Thing Adventure Universal Interactive
  This Is Football 2003 Football Sim SCEE
  Turok Evolution FPS Acclaim
  Total Immersion Racing Racing Sim Empire
OCTOBER Blade 2 Action/Adventure Activision
  Dino Stalker Lightgun Shooter Capcam
  Dinoz Platformer PPG
  IronStorm FPS Wannadoo
  Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure 5 Action/Adventure Capcom
  Kingdom Hearts RPG SCEE
  Legaia 2: Dual Saga RPG Eidos
  Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny Adventure Capcom
  Pride FC Beat-'em-up THQ
  Red Faction 2 FPS THQ
  RoboCop FPS Titus Interactive
  Rocky Boxing Sim Rage
  Shox Arcade Racer EA
  Sub Rebellion Submarine Sim Metro 3D
  Superman: Shadow Of Apokolips Action/Adventure Infogrames
  Taz Wanted Platformer Infogrames
  The Getaway Driving/Action SCEE
  The Terminator FPS Infogrames
  TimeSplitters 2 FPS Eidos
  UFC: throwdown Beat-'em-up Ubi Soft
  Way of The Samurai Action Eidos
NOVEMBER Breath Of Fire V RPG Capcom
  Burnout 2: Point Of Impact Arcade Racer Acclaim
  Club Football Football Sim Codemasters
  Dave Mirra BMX XXX Extreme Sports Acclaim
  Downhill Racer Winter Sports Sim SCEE
  Falcone: Into The Maelstorm FPS Virgin Interactive
  Freaky Flyers Flight Action Midway
  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Driving/Action Rockstar
  James Bond 007: NightFire FPS EA
  Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angle Of Darkness Action/Adventure Eidos
  Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Rings RPG Universal Interactive
  Micro Machines Racer Infogrmes
  Minority Report Action/Adventure Activision
  Primal Adventure SCEE
  Rally Fusion Driving Activision
  Rachet & Clank Platformer SCEE
  Rayman 3 Platformer Ubi Soft
  Riding Spirits Racing Sim Bami Entertainment
  Run Like Hell Action Interplay
  Sly Raccoon Platformer SCEE
  Spyro The Dragon 4 Platformer Universal Interactive
  Star Wars: The Clone Wars Adventure Activision
  Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Extreme Sports Activision
  The Sims Life Sim EA
  Tribes: Aerial Assault FPS Sierra
  Twin Caliber Action Rage
  Vexx Platformer Acclaim
  Word Rally Championship 02 Rally Sim SCEE
  WWE Smackdown "Shut your mouth" Wrestling THQ
  X-Men: Next Dimension Beat-'em-up Activision
DECEMBER Auto Modellista Arcade Racer Capcom
  Batman: Dark Tomorrow Action Kemco
  Devil May Cry 2 Action Capcom
  Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers Adventure EA
  Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Beat-'em-up Midway
  Star Wars Bounty Hunter Action/Adventure Activision
TBA Aliens: Colonial Marines FPS EA
  Big Mutha Truckers Driving Empire
  Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon Adventure TBA
  Bruce Lee: Quest Of The Dragon Beat-'em-up Universal Interactive
  Clock Tower 3 Adventure Capcom
  Dragonball Z Beat-'em-up Infogrames
  Dr Muto Adventure Midway
  EverQuest: Online Adventures RPG TBA
  Far Cry Action Ubi Soft
  Fear Effect: Inferno Action Eidos
  Futurama Adventure SCI
  Fugitive Hunter FPS Infogramea
  Gladius Strategy Activision
  Indiana Jones And The Empore's Tomb Action/Adventure Activision
  Lamborghini Racer Rage
  Malice Platformer Sierra
  Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Action Konami
  Pillage RPG TBA
  Powerpuff Girls Action Bam! Entertainment
  Red Dead Revolver Action Capcom
  Return To Castle Wolfenstein FPS Activision
  Robotech: Battlecry Mech Action TDK
  RTX Red Rock Adventure Activisionthey
  Silent Hill 3 Survival Horror Konami
  SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Combat Sim SCEE
  Soul Calibur II Beat-'em-up SCEE
  Splinter Cell Stealth Cation Ubi Soft
  Starsky & Hutch Driving Empire
  Tenchu III Adventure Activision
  Travis Pastrana's Pro Moto X Extreme Sports Activision
  True Crime Driving/Action Activision
  Virtua Cop: Rebirth Lightgun Shooter SCEE
  Wolverine's Revenge Action Activision
  Wreckless Driving Activision
  XIII FPS Ubi Soft
  ZOE: The 2nd Runner Mech Action Konami
*Game release dates correct at time of writing

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