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In this section you will find all the latest news from the world of PS2. Use the menu at the bottom of the screen to navigate your way around the news section.
Burnout 2: Point of Impact
Criterion has announced its sequel to the high-octane arcade racer Burnout. Burnout 2: Point of Impact will feature new race modes, new courses and new cars, plus a tutorial option to help new comers to the game. Another new feature will be realistic weather effects such as rain, sleet, snow and fog. One of the new courses will be a busy international airport. The courses will link together forming part of a large Peninsula. There will be seven new cars and a further seven to unlock as you progress in the game. There is a licence test with a difference, "Offensive Driving 101" rewarding bad instead of good. At the beginning of the game there will be a Burnout School of Bad Driving with a learner style car to smash up. Burnout 2: Point of Impact is due for release in November.
Dark Cloud 2
Dark Cloud was a dungeon-searching RPG with a Pokemon style collecting element to it. In order to complete the game, players had to resemble a village which had been destroyed by an evil force. The pieces of the village were hidden in eggs located in various parts of the dungeons. One memorable feature was the Georama aspect were players could place parts of the village on a map and then with a press of a button swoop down into the village and walk around. Dark Cloud 2 will have an improved Georama system that will allow players to build worlds in greater detail. Buildings no longer snap to a grid, they can be placed at an angle. The could also be placed on top of each other or on stilts, and can be varied in colour. Parts of the game will be set in the future. There will be two playable characters in this sequel each with their own unique skills. Dark Cloud 2 is due for release in 2003.

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