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Lights! Camera, Action
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Reflections
Price: 39.99
Players: 1
Out: 6 September
Web Site: www.stuntman-game.com

60Hz mode: No
Widescreen: No
Surround Sound: No
From the developers that brought you Driver and Driver 2 comes this Driver style game based around the life of a stuntman. Unlike the Driver series you can't drive anyway, you are giving a series of stunts to complete for various movies (six in total). For successfully completing the stunts you will be rewarded with a Gran Turismo style replays, and at the end of each movie a trailer showing your best stunts together with cut-scenes from the movie.
There are 3 modes to play in Stuntman, the main one is the career mode. The career mode is split into six sections, with each section presented as a fictitious film. Although the movies are made up it it's easy to see the influences for there themes. "Toothless In Wapping", is inspired by gangster movies such as Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. "A Whooping and a Hollering" is inspired by Smokey and the Bandit and Dukes of Hazzard. "Blood Oath" is a John Woo-inspired action thriller. Next is a Clancy-esque thriller "Conspiracy". The fifth film is "Scarab of Lost Souls" which is inspired by Indiana Jones. The last movie is "Twice For Tomorrow" is inspired by Bond movies.
In each movie the player needs to complete a set number of stunts from jumps and skidding close to explosions to performing handbrake turns and smashing through cardboard boxes. Each stunt sequence is an obstacle course, and before you get to attempt the stunt a preview will show you what you are meant to do. With the director shooting in your ear you race against a time limit to complete the stunt sequence. Arrows guide you from stunt to stunt, miss too many of these and the director will shout "Cut!", and you will have to start again. Each movie contains up to five separate stunt sequences, with each sequence containing ten individual stunt elements. At the end of each movie you will have to complete an one of stunt in an arena before you can move onto the next movie.
There are lots of cars to chose from, here are 3 of the more interesting.
This is one of the fastest cars in the game. This strange contraption is called a Tuk-Tuk. This mean motor is the desert tank.
All the vehicles in the game have been modelled in fantastic detail. The damage modelling is superb, every panel and mechanical part (including engine block) can be removed. Wheels can fall of and the body stripped down to the chasse. The handling is also fantastic, with each vehicle handling differently.

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