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The original was adored by critics and gamers alike in it's own country, but didn't fair as well in Europe, will the sequel do any better?
Publisher: Capcom Eurosoft
Developer: Capcom
Players: 1
Release: 4th October
The elements that made Onimusha enjoyable have returned for the sequel, the gorgeous and atmospheric environments are back but are even better looking than before. There is a larger population of background characters going about their daily business, all of which give you help.
Another feature returning to Onimusha 2 is your characters ability to absorb the souls of defeated demons to enhance vitality, weaponry and special attacks. Some new attacks have been introduced, charged attacks and counter-attacks. A new colour soul has been added "Purple", which can transform you into an unstoppable supercharged warrior. The character may have changed (Jubei Yagyu) but the core gameplay remains the same. Kill demons, absorb their souls to develop your character, solve puzzles, evade traps.
Alongside Jubei there are four characters to interact with. Oyu a fencer, Ekei a monk, Magoichi leader of a gun troop and Kotaro a ninja. You can now buy items in a gift shop, give these gifts to certain characters and they may give you something useful in return. The type of gift and your choice of recipient will dictate which of the four characters will come help you in battle. Its also decides who you get to play as in certain areas of the game where you are not controlling Jubei. The enemies in Onimusha 2 are a new generation of undead terrors.
Gorgeous to look at, atmospheric, fun and with loads more depth than its predecessor, Onimusha 2 is shaping up to be a great game.

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