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Aliens, spaceships, guns, death and you'd better Run Like Hell!
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Develop: Digital Mayhem
Players: 1
Release: Winter
Ever since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, mankind has been exploring the depths of space, but why? One reason is to search for Extra Terrestrial life, in Run Like Hell you get to see what could happen if we found it...
The opening sequence is very cinematic and lends ideas from Aliens. Instead of having an intractable plot and universe to get to grips with, the game uses obvious influences from the wealth of alien movies. Making your way through the alien infested spaceship is the name of the game.
The controls are simple to use, the most useful is the R1 button which locks onto the nearest enemy. This is extremely important in the dark were seeing the creatures can be difficult, this features helps you locate the enemies in the vicinity and allows you blast them to oblivion using your choice of weapon
There are a number pf weapons available to use throughout the game. The first 3 you get to use are the Laser Rifle. This is the default weapon an is the weakest of the bunch, buts it's better than using your hands, right? Next up is the shotgun which is stronger but ammo is limited. The Plasma Rifle is rechargeable and useful on the smaller creatures, but doesn't do much against the larger ones.
With seven large chapters promised to be included in the finished game and strong alien AI this cinematic sci-fi horror is shaping up to be a winner

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