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As you progress in the career mode you unlock cars and equipment to use in the games other mode "Stunt Constructer". Set in a huge arena you can use the cars and equipment to create your very own stunts. Fancy getting shot out of a cannon through a ring of fire or doing a loop-the-loop, the the stunt constructer is for you.
The steam cannon, this will launch your car through the air. Loop-the-Loop, build up lots of speed and don't look through the sunroof. The ring of fire, always a crowd pleaser, just watch the paintwork.
The other mode in Stuntman is "Driving Games", these take place in the same arena as the stunt constructer, and challenge you to collect spinning tokens or perform feats of speed or precision over extreme obstacle courses.
The precision test, watch out for the cones. The speed test, beat the clock. Stunt test, take on those stunts at high speed.
As well as the game Stuntman comes with a DVD which contain "Making of Documentary" and trailers for forthcoming games, including Driver 3.
Stuntman is a great game with impressive graphics, the only real negative point is that it can get a bit frustrating as you attempt a stunt for the 10th time.
The Verdict:
Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 8
Lifespan: 8
Overall: 8/10

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