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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
GTA3 has sold six million copies worldwide, and has been in the UK charts for 40 weeks. GTA: Vice city is GTA4 and not an add on disc as originally thought. Development for the game started after the completion of GTA3 back in November 2001. The theme for the game is 80s Miami, with obvious references to the TV show Miami Vice. Dedicated gamers may have guessed the location of the squeal by various clues in GTA3. The most obvious one being when one game character said "I'll see you in Miami". The sequel will feature an improved game engine which will improve collision detection and cut scenes. Vice City will be bigger and better, with a whole new game world to explore. Reading between the lines and looking at the box art the new game may just feature a helicopter with machine guns and a motorbike. There will also be all new cars and characters. The soundtrack will be a classic 80s style. Sony Computer Entertainment has made a deal with Rockstar that will make the following GTA games PS2 exclusive for the next 4 years. GTA: Vice City is due out in November. Rockstar have created two web sites relating to GTA: Vice City. The web sites contain subtitle hints as to various game elements in the new GTA. Check them out to see for yourself: The first is designed to look like a fan site created by Paul from Kent, but it is in-fact an official site from Rockstar. The second contains video montages and obscure films.
Far Cry
Its very early days for the development of this game but here's a sneak peak at Ubi Soft's new shooter Far Cry. Developed by Crytek Far Cry will appear on the PC next spring with a PS2 version set to follow. The game is a squad-based affair with large environments to play in. The screenshots (PC version only) reveal tropical environments, detailed characters and huge draw distances. You play the part of a boat captain escorting a journalist on a special assignment, but before long war breaks out. Set a decade into the future, the weapons are a blend of shotguns and machine pistols. More advanced futuristic weaponry becomes available as you progress and your opponents switch from human soldiers to dinosaurs. Far Cry came about from a tech demo designed to showcase Nvidia's GeForce 3 graphics card. Most of Far Cry will be set outdoors. With enemy is looking excellent Far Cry is shaping up to be a promising title.
Ferrari F355 Challenge

F355 was originally released on the Dreamast and built up a reputation as one of the most realistic driver games to grace a console (apart from GT of course). And now as Sega is going all formats F355 is coming to PS2 this September. The game will feature six tracks including Suzuka, Motegi Oval Speedway and Ferrari's custom built test track at Monza. As with the original release and all the Sega conversion F355 will come with a 60Hz option.

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