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Red Faction 2
Red faction is back and offers more of the explosive FPS action that made the original so popular. Red Faction 2's storyline centres on a struggle between the people of the Commonwealth and their oppressor, Spopt. You take control of a member of a group of super-soldiers equipped with nano-technology, whose aim is to bring the despotic regime down. This time around the action is on Earth, allowing developer Volition to increase the variety of game environments and include real-time weather effects such as swirling rain. The Geo Mod (fully destructible environments) is back to encourage players to use strategically blasting to progress through the levels. You can avoid heavy fire by creating alternative routes with a grenade launcher, or shoot down raised platforms to create ramps, enabling you to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. The will be a new team-based approach to gameplay. You only control one character but are backed-up by a team of five other nano-soldiers who can provide cover fire and suggestions of where to go next. Each member of the team has their own special skills. In this new game you can now fire two weapons at once. There will be a four-player split screen mode and improved enemy AI. Red Faction 2 is out in October.

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